The Importance of a Regular OB/GYN Visit

The Importance of a Regular OB/GYN Visit

Many women find it difficult to arrange an OB/GYN appointment, and some avoid seeing one altogether. All women should periodically see an obstetrician or gynecologist. This article explains why a lady should make an appointment immediately. If you have a moderately or highly problematic problem but are unaware of it, an OB/GYN checkup can save your life. It’s like a car oil change and tune-up. Get more information at

Prenatal care

Obstetricians, or “baby physicians,” are essential during pregnancy. Many pregnant Americans don’t have a doctor.  A pregnant woman may try out a few clinics before choosing on the appropriate one, but doing so might lead to the loss of critical medical records and the rupture of a trusting doctor-patient relationship.

A lady should consult her OB/GYN if she has menstrual issues. If ignored, reproductive problems may occur. If a woman’s periods have stopped, gotten irregular, lasted lengthy, or changed in blood flow, she should contact her OB/GYN immediately. Specificity is needed.


If there’s a family history of breast cancer, women over 40 should get tested sooner. reports that 67% of American women over 40 get annual checkups. Over 30% aren’t obtaining needed tests.

Examine pelvis

ACOG recommends a yearly pelvic check for women over 21. People with menstrual disorders, vaginal discharge, infertility, or pelvic pain are included.

A pelvic exam is crucial to a woman’s health, but not her favorite.

Seeing a Womens Health Specialist Versus Primary Care Doctor

Pap test

Every two years, get a pap smear to prevent cancer and other health problems. All women over 21 should have this uncomplicated but vital therapy regularly, just like their breasts. Many women wish they’d gotten frequent pap smears as suggested by their doctors.

Birth control

When a woman becomes sexually active but isn’t ready to have children, she should consult an OB/GYN about birth control and family planning.

Menstrual Flow variation

Women should check vaginal discharge. A bad vaginal odor or discharge is generally due to an infection, according to studies. The condition can worsen if a woman waits to see an OB/GYN or tries to handle it alone.

Bloody Urine

If a woman feels urination pain, pink or brown pee, or blood in her urine, she should see an OB/GYN. Blood in the urine isn’t necessarily concerning, but it should be addressed if it happens often.

climaxes or cramps

A visit to the OB/GYN is needed when a woman is continually medicated for cramps or feels significant sex discomfort. Living on ibuprofen once a month can impair a woman’s liver and cause sex agony.

Now that you know the top ten times to go to the hospital, find a doctor you’re comfortable with and go for frequent checks.

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