Treatments and benefits of wellness centers

Treatments and benefits of wellness centers

Purifies the body and skin:

The heat of the saunas expels the excess toxins present on the body so the body is cleaned and strengthened. The skin also benefits from the intense heat of the saunas. Thanks to the dilation of the pores, everything that is deposited on the epidermis, such as impurities and waste, is expelled and the result will be a more luminous, toned and beautiful skin wellness retreat Europe.

Improves the quality of sleep and nervous tension:

When you immerse yourself in hot water, the muscles of the body relax and the temperature rises. All this produces drowsiness, helps you sleep more peacefully and relaxes the nervous system;

Relieves pain, arthritis and rheumatism:

The heat of the water and the sauna relaxes the muscles, helping to reduce pain of various kinds. In fact, this type of treatment is also indicated for those who practice sports because it allows a faster recovery of the muscles;

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Free The Respiratory Tract:

The essential oils used in swimming pools and saunas together with a high level of humidity created by the heat, are a benefit for those suffering from respiratory problems such as allergies and colds;

Relaxes and reduces stress:

Targeted therapeutic massages help reduce tension accumulated during working days. By periodically undergoing massages made by expert therapists, you can achieve a sense of deep relaxation and help both body and mind to regenerate.

The combination of water, temperature and massages helps both to treat some physical ailments and to bring the relaxation necessary to face daily challenges.

The SPAs offer various types of treatments and each person can choose to either take advantage of everything the structure offers or choose the wellness program that best suits their needs.

Some treatmentso paths are: in the Kneipp path, immersions in swimming pools of different temperatures alternate, from hot to cold to tone the body and stimulate blood circulation; the whirlpool bath fights forms of imperfections, tightens the muscles, promotes tissue elasticity, improves circulation, regulates pressure and relieves stress and agitation;  the respiratory tracts are freed, the pores of the skin dilate and localized pains are reduced; the thermal waters are characterized by mineral salts of different types, have high temperatures and perform detoxifying actions; saunas strengthen the cardiovascular system, cleanse the skin, eliminate stress and help lose weight; thermal muds are applied to the body to fight cellulite or more serious pathologies such as fibromyalgia, arthrosis, osteoporosis and chronic rheumatism; massages, although there are many types of massages, some benefits are the same for everyone, they give healthier skin, dissolve muscle tension, counteract inflammation and edema, relax nerves, lower blood pressure, eliminate toxins and waste, free emotions blocked and unexpressed and decrease the degree of stress; the emotional showers are in effect shower cubicles in which jets of water are sprayed alternately and which vary in temperature, it is an excellent remedy against cellulite.

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