Get An Accredited Course Online: Become A Fitness Personal Trainer

Get An Accredited Course Online: Become A Fitness Personal Trainer

Personal trainers may help individuals develop safe, effective training routines to achieve and maintain their fitness goals. With the correct training, personal trainers can help their clients with their diets. Personal training is a fulfilling career since you get to help individuals so that you can witness improvements in their lives.

To become a master personal trainer, Clean Health offers 100% online courses in as little as six months and become certified as a physical therapist with the SIS30315 Certificate III and SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness.

What is the most comprehensive training programme in CHMPT?

The top personal trainer certification programme is the Clean Health “Master Personal Trainer Program” or (CHMPT). With this specialised, nationally recognised curriculum, you will receive complete accreditation and be prepared to launch your training business in Australia. Thru the programme, you can learn how to become a master personal trainer. Beyond the fundamental Cert III and IV credentials, you’ll acquire much more. They have the tools you need to succeed in this fiercely competitive field of eight specialised certificates and access to specialised training software. They have the world’s most complete personal training programme. You will learn the following in the CHMPT.

Get An Accredited Course Online: Become A Fitness Personal Trainer

Certificate III in Fitness – Gym Trainers (SIS30315)

The second essential qualification. Learn the fundamentals of exercise and how to apply them to design short-term and long-term programmes for clients in the general community. Recognize the coaching and cueing techniques needed to enable personal training services. Learn how to launch a personal training business or another pertinent career as a fitness expert.


When joining the CHMPT, you will receive extra training when you sign up so that you may learn a lot more than only the core SIS30315 Cert III and SIS40215 Cert IV Qualifications. You can view these additional certifications to boost your PT career & provide your clients with life-changing results:

  • Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1 (CHPNC1)
  • Performance Nutrition Coach Level 3 (CHPNC3)
  • Performance PT Coach Level 1 (CHPPT1)
  • Performance PT Coach Level 1 (CHPPT2)
  • Performance PT Coach Level 3 (CHPPT3)
  • Strength System International Certification Level 1
  • Advanced Nutrition for Fat Loss

When you register with CHMPT, you also have access to tools for creating diet plans along with your fundamental credentials and certifications. The iNutritionPRO application, developed by physical therapists for other PTs, can generate calorie-specific, organised meals in as little as two minutes.

Many students credit this programme with helping them launch successful fitness companies. The curriculum will help you develop client-centered professional diet and nutrition plans, regardless of age, health, and fitness if you’re pursuing a job as a physical therapist, strength coach, or nutritionist.

After completing the course, you’ll be qualified to launch your enterprise or work in fitness-related industries in gyms, health clubs and spas, fitness studios, cruise ships, resorts, and other companies. The options are essentially limitless.

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