To Take No Chance, Prefer Emergency Contraceptive Pills Singapore

To Take No Chance, Prefer Emergency Contraceptive Pills Singapore

With the increased population and increased deteriorating health of women, it is now seen that families nowadays try to keep their children number up to two or three. More than that is avoided these days. To avoid unexpected pregnancies, couples try to take contraceptives that work against these unexpected pregnancies; such contraceptives are condoms, surgeries like vasectomy and tubectomy, implants, and contraceptive pills. You can have these contraceptives for emergencies in Singapore, famous as emergency contraceptive pills singapore.

What are contraceptive pills?

emergency contraceptive pills singapore

Contraceptive pills are broadly called combined oral contraceptive pills (COCD). These pills are birth control pills as they are ingested to avoid unexpected pregnancies in women. These pills have hormones that affect the hormonal changes in women; the combined hormones in these pills are estrogen and progestogen. These hormones affect the menstrual cycle in the families by altering it and eliminating the ovulation phase in women. Women orally take these pills.

These pills usually come in a packet containing 28 tablets for the period of the menstrual cycle. For the first 21 days of the cycle, women are advised to take pills containing the hormones every day at the same time to keep the effect active for 24 hours. These pills are effective for four days. That is, they alter the menstrual cycle by four days, and for the remaining seven days, women are advised to take placebo pills that do not contain any hormones.

These pills are very effective for avoiding pregnancy as they reduce the chance of getting pregnant by 0.3% in women. These pills can cause side effects such as vomiting, nausea, early menopause, etc.

How are daily contraceptive pills different from emergency contraceptive pills?

These emergency pills are different from contraceptive pills as they act as a precaution to the pills which are used as a precaution. These pills are taken in situations such as:

  • While having sex, if the couple forgets to wear a condom, or the condom slips or breaks, they can take emergency pills to delay the effect of the sperms.
  • If a woman forgets to take her daily contraceptive pills within 24 hours, she can take these pills to reprimand the loss.

If you had sex and are late for more than 3 hours while on the progesterone pill.

These emergency pills should always be taken with a doctor’s consultation as these can affect the hormonal balance of the body.

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