How High Testosterone in Women Work

How High Testosterone in Women Work

Testosterone is a hormone that men have in more significant amounts than women. It’s their natural steroid and helps them develop muscle mass and strengthen. But what happens when women have too much of it? Treatment for high testosterone in women will reduce its levels since it is not natural to their bodies.


This is where some drastic side effects appear, such as facial hair growth, increased aggression, problems with fertility, and an elevation of the sex drive. However, these effects may not be seen as many women produce lower levels of testosterone than men by irregular development of ovaries or by having had breast cancer or removal surgery.


In these women, testosterone is not the same to them as it is in men. It is not their natural hormone, which can be a reason for its absence in the ovaries. Tests of DHEA-S and DHEA in the blood have shown that women have higher levels of this hormone than men.


It is then a trigger for increased testosterone production, which makes it harder for women to get pregnant since it increases the body’s stress levels. This is why doctors usually tell patients taking steroids or DHEA supplements that if they are trying for a baby or already pregnant, they should stop immediately as side effects like facial hair growth may occur if used in large amounts.


Treatment for high testosterone in women


Although the effects may not be dramatic, the side effects of high testosterone levels in women are enough to cause some problems. Women with a few facial hairs may find it hard to get rid of them since they look like the type that can’t be removed easily.


It is also a known case that women with increased testosterone levels are more aggressive with others and may also face problems at work or with their families. But even if they don’t face these negative results, another problem still needs to be considered – testosterone can make some women infertile.


This happens when the hormone affects the condition of their reproductive organs, acting as an inhibiting ovulation. This can lead to complications in pregnancy, making it harder for a woman to conceive.


It is not known why women may have high testosterone levels, but their hormone works the same as men’s. Women need testosterone for the sex organs to develop normally and for the proper development of their reproductive system. This is not only about sexual appetite but strength as well. 


If women need these supplements, they should have the recommended amount and not exceed intake by taking more than the recommended dosage. In this way, they will avoid complications in pregnancy and still be able to conceive and maintain their feminine appearance at all times.

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