5 Reasons To Add Microbiome Skincare Products To Your Routine

5 Reasons To Add Microbiome Skincare Products To Your Routine

As skin care products become increasingly advanced, skincare routines have to adapt in order to keep up with it all. One way to do this is by adding microbiome to your routine, which harness the power of the microflora that lives on your skin and in your gut to improve your skin’s health and appearance. The microbiome of your skin and gut are two parts of the same system, meaning that keeping one healthy will positively affect the other as well. Here are five reasons why you should consider adding microbiome skincare products to your routine.

1) Skin Health

Our skin is much more than just a protective barrier. In fact, it’s permeable, meaning that toxins can easily penetrate and affect our internal health. The good news is you have control over what your skin absorbs by using a variety of skincare products that enhance your skin microbiome. That’s right, you can actually alter your skin microbiome through your diet and skincare regimen.

2) Weight Management

All skin is made up of four layers: epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous fat and hypodermis. In obese people, there can be excessive amounts of fat between each layer of skin, resulting in a lack of tone and elasticity. Microbiome skincare products contain ingredients that are clinically proven to help reduce excess weight around your midsection as well as aid in moisture retention and rejuvenation within your epidermis.

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3) Living Longer

Scientists agree that a healthy microbiome keeps your immune system strong and helps with overall longevity. We all know about probiotics, but what about prebiotics? They’re just as importantand they’re not in your yogurt or supplements. Prebiotics are fibers that help feed our microbiome, whereas probiotics are already fermented foods that provide good bacteria. If you’re trying to live longer, there’s no better way than through your gut.

4) Boost Energy Levels

Recent studies have shown that our skin is actually covered in tiny bacteria, called a microbiome. These bacteria can become imbalanced, which has been shown to lead to numerous problems for both our physical and mental health. Luckily, there are some new skincare products on the market that use microbiomesinstead of traditional ingredients like antibiotics, to help keep our skin balanced.

5) Better Digestion

By regularly consuming probiotics, you can help improve digestion and restore balance in your gut. This is especially important for those who suffer from irregular bowel movements or diarrhea, as it helps regulate your intestines and ease any discomfort you may experience. So, feel good about what’s on your plate, and on your face. Look for products that are labeled contains probiotics or good bacteria so that you know they’re natural.

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