Know about dental emergency services

Know about dental emergency services

Not every toothache or every small bleeding has to call the emergency dentist service. Preliminary measures and painkillers are often sufficient to bridge the time until the dentist can be visited the next day.

For example if  you fall off your bike at the weekend and knock a whole tooth out, then you need to contact the emergency dentist Brisbane service immediately. Because a knocked out tooth whether through a fall or a bar fight can be reinserted by the dentist under certain conditions. The decisive factor here is how the tooth is handled and how quickly it is transported. First of all, it is important: stay calm and stop any bleeding by biting on a piece of lint-free cloth. Do not wash the tooth under any circumstances, even if it is dirty  and only touch it on the chewing surface, because the tooth root is extremely sensitive. The tooth root skin should remain intact and free of infection and must not dry out. Tooth rescue boxes from the pharmacy are ideal for transporting a knocked out tooth. Alternatively, the tooth can also be taken to the dentist on duty in chilled long-life milk, in sterile saline or wrapped in cling film. The faster the tooth arrives at the dental practice, the greater the chance of being able to insert it again.

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For example, you should contact the dental emergency service if :

  • Toothache becomes unbearable in spite of the prescribed pain medication and also cooling the affected area and or tried and tested home remedies no longer help
  • If, after a procedure, a surgical suture bursts and / or there is heavy bleeding that does not stop and cannot be stopped
  • a piece of tooth has broken off or the tooth itself is broken and the nerve is exposed  or if there is a risk of injury from very sharp edges not in the case of purely cosmetic impairments.
  • a larger filling has fallen out and the tooth has become unstable as a result
  • the so-called fat cheek is accompanied by fever and difficulty swallowing and the swelling extends to the eye.
  • You have dislocated your jaw and you can no longer close or open your mouth properly.

Small fillings that have fallen out can be temporarily “sealed” with sugar-free rubber until you go to the dentist. When large fillings are lost, things look a little different if the tooth becomes unstable as a result. The gums bleed briefly when brushing your teeth or when flossing. This is not uncommon and not a reason to go to the emergency dentist service. If bleeding occurs frequently in the gums, an appointment with the dentist is strongly recommended to clarify the cause, but the emergency service does not have to be used. The emergency dentist service does not carry out regular dental treatments or examinations either.

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